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Find out how much you’re spending on your car with Fuelio!

For many drivers, car expenses are a very important item on the household budget. Now you can control them by easily comparing fuel prices between different petrol stations. It all became possible thanks to an app called Fuelio, developed by Adrian Kajda, an entrepreneur from Opole, a few years back.


Volkswagen Arteon, a new model offered by the popular German brand

Volkswagen Arteon will be the direct successor to the Volkswagen Passat CC. The new model was unveiled during the Geneva International Motor Show on 7th March 2017.


The most popular vehicle brands in the Internet in 2016

In the beginning of 2017, Quickco Company operating in the international sales of vehicle parts via Internet developed the report on the most often searched vehicle brands in the Internet in 2016 year.


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the bargain purchase of verified vehicles and equipment was never so simple

How to safely and profitably purchase verified vehicles, machines or specialized equipment? Off-lease auctions are the solution. Through our website, you can participate in auctions conducted by leasing companies, banks and other entities, which are in possession of car fleets. An off-lease auction is a chance to purchase technically operational, branded, and relatively little worn-out equipment at a very low cost. We would like to emphasise that participation in our auctions is very simple. You can start bidding right after you have registered an account on our website, poleasingowe.pl. Each item put up for auction is described by an expert appraiser. We guarantee that the prices correspond to the technical state of the auctioned items.

Foreclosure and off-lease equipment

safe purchase

It`s no secret that broadly-defined off-lease and foreclosure equipment (cars, machines, tools, etc.) are in high demand from prospective buyers. Such a state of affairs can be easily explained: foreclosure and off-lease equipment is relatively cheap. Purchasing used fixed assets is a great way to generate savings. If you decide to use our platform to purchase off-lease or foreclosure equipment, we guarantee your complete safety. The sales process is completely transparent, and every auctioned item has been appraised by an expert appraiser, so there is not a shadow of a doubt left as regards their actual technical state.

Bidding on our

What can be purchased?

Off-lease auctions are a great way to acquire fully operational equipment, machines, tools and vehicles of all sorts at a very competitive price, and it`s what makes them so much in demand. The poleasingowe.pl platform has been created to facilitate the safe purchase of all kinds of off-lease and foreclosure assets, including, in particular, previously leased used fleet vehicles. Items auctioned through our platform include passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, construction machinery, trailers, semi-trailers, agriculture machinery, printing equipment, medical equipment, and much more. Users can place bids themselves or have an agent bid for them. Should a user choose the first option, they will need to raise their bids manually by typing in the bidding amount. If a user opts to use an agent, the agent will keep bidding higher than the competition until reaching the maximum bidding price previously set up by the user.