In the beginning of 2017, Quickco Company operating in the international sales of vehicle parts via Internet developed the report on the most often searched vehicle brands in the Internet in 2016 year. Particular brands were assigned to countries. Data was presented for 2016 year and for 193 countries. What cars make the greatest emotions?

It turned out that the most popular car brand in the network is Toyota. Information about cars from this Japanese producer was eagerly searched worldwide, but in up to 71 countries Toyota was “number 1”. Including i.e.: China, United States, Australia and some African countries. The fact that the second place in terms of popularity among Internet users was taken by BMW is somehow astonishing. This German brand was very popular on European markets, including Poland. Also in Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium etc. Third place was occupied by Asian brands: Honda and Hyundai. These popular Japanese brands, in which our market places much interest, were the most often searched in Canada, Brazil, Korea, Russia etc. Now we should add, that Internet users’ hits for precisely Toyota, BMW and Hyundai comprised 70% of all hits. This is the best proof for the fact, how much popular the mentioned brands are on the market.

The fact that Volkswagen was not on the podium can be quite shocking, at least for Poles. Not only that it is the biggest vehicle manufacturer, but also this brand has been very demanded on domestic market since years. Trends are clearly changing. Volkswagen took seventh position, and Chevrolet with Renault were ahead of it, despite brands named formerly. German brand was the most willingly searched brand in Belarus, Spain and Romania. Chevrolet, the American brand, was the most interesting one in Latin America countries. Some brands were the most willingly searched in the countries, from where they came from. Therefore, Renault was the most interesting for Frenchmen, Fiat for Italians and Volvo for Swedes.

Such settlement not necessarily produces real sales results, but it perfectly presents trends existing on the market. We should emphasise that some very renown vehicle brands did not raise greater interest in any researched country, from total 193 ones. It comes at least to Nissan and Ford. It even happened that British Jaguar was not so popular - this brand took first place in the Internet hits for Belize, a country infamous for high crime rate.

We know that Poles most often searched the information about German brand, BMW, in 2016 year. Whereas, the crown for the most often purchased cars goes to Ford, Volkswagen, Opel and Skoda. This sequence represented used cars. When it comes to new cars, Skoda was most often selected, what can be explained with respectively affordable price.

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