For many drivers, car expenses are a very important item on the household budget. Now you can control them by easily comparing fuel prices between different petrol stations. It all became possible thanks to an app called Fuelio, developed by Adrian Kajda, an entrepreneur from Opole, a few years back.

The app caught the public’s eye when Susan Wojcicki, the co-founder of Google and the CEO of Youtube, mentioned Fuelio in her speech during the CEE Innovators Summit in Warsaw.

The app’s beginnings

The application was developed back in 2011 when Adrian Kajda was a mobile applications programmer at the University of Opole. Fuelio was his past-time activity project. Right from the start the app allowed to monitor the car maintenance and insurance costs, as well as carwash and fuel expenses. The main goal was to keep the app simple and easy to use.

Main Functions of the app

Fuelio helps to control your car’s maintenance costs but that’s not all. The user-friendly Android app reminds its user about the upcoming car service, insurance payment due date, oil change, etc. It is also a great tool to save money, as it allows users to quickly compare fuel prices on different petrol stations.

Popular all over the world

Fuelio has become well-known all over the world. Since its debut in Google Play Store, its popularity has continued to grow, and the app itself is regularly updated. It is estimated that by May 2017, Fuelio will have reached 2 million downloads. At the moment, the app is available in over 35 languages. It is safe to assume that after Susan Wojcicki mentioned the app in her speech, the interest in the app will further rise. Adrian Kajda has recently begun cooperation with Slovakian company Sygic, hence Fuelio is now in the company’s portfolio.

Further development of Fuelio

At the moment, Felio is available for download for free. The app is developed for Android devices. A new version of the app with bug fixes based on the user feedback will probably be available for download by the end of April 2017. Fuelio has also been recently localised for the Arabic market.

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